Studying the Shroud image, Petrus Soons, a Dutch physician found that it contains 3D information. With this information, he was able to make its hologram, which presents some surprising news. He observed: The image on the Shroud appears more distinct at a distance and fades when viewed at certain angles, particularly as one comes closer to the Shroud. In a way, it is out of context and it is only as you back away that it is seen as part of the bigger picture that gives it meaning. This is the classical explanation of this observation. HOWEVER, it is also a HOLOGRAPHIC OBSERVATION. If you stand in front of a large hologram, where thanks to the angle of the lighting you are able to see the image, and you back up or come close or go to the side for that matter, the image becomes very vague or disappears completely.

Petrus Soons did make the hologram, which made it possible to „move” the figure in the image, which can be seen in this video. It also showed that there are several bloodspots all around the head area, indicating that the crown of thorns was more helmet-like than only circular.  

Petrus Soons presents his findings on his website. Well worth perusing!