A remarkable attempt at making MDM rethink the origin and consequences of her messages about coming catastrophic events and about Pope Francis being a false prophet. By the author of the Miraculous Rosary blog, June 18, 2013.

Dear Maria Divine Mercy,

I am directly addressing you to request you make a change.

I write the blog called “Miraculous Rosary”. The focus of my blog began with my sincere desire to help our Holy Mother promote the rosary. It was in doing online research for information that I stumbled upon your website.

At first I was captivated by the messages. They had a ring of truth. They matched with some world events, wars, the world economic collapses, and the sense of impending doom these made me feel.

In 2011 I decided to present the messages objectively on my blog in an article that asked people to look at the messages and tell me what they thought.  Over the course of a year more than two hundred comments for and against the messages had been posted. The observations that numerous predictions had failed were very telling. The comments that stayed firm to Catholic doctrine convinced me the messages you are presenting are false. These were the least wordy comments, and yet the presentation of simple and concise doctrine by those knowledgeable in Catholic dogma crystallized the falsity of the messages.

I would like to know how you are receiving your communications from heaven. I have heard an unsubstantiated rumor (more than once)  that you are conducting séances to get them. If this is true, the messages you are receiving are occult and therefore from demonic entities disguised as Jesus and Mary. The Catholic Church warns against summoning spirits lest you open a door to the demonic.

If you are simply receiving apparitions, what type of testing did you do of the spirits who are visiting you? Even the greatest saints tested spirits of their own volition and upon the advice of good priests and bishops. St. Bernadette of Soubirous threw holy water at her apparition to ensure that it was indeed the true Blessed Virgin. Bernadette was rewarded with a kind and warm smile of approval from our Blessed Mother.

How do you justify your big staff of workers, the expensive offices, the slick marketing campaign that includes books and seminars, and your anonymity in light of all the great APPROVED seers in history who stood in defense of their messages with complete confidence in Christ?

Your messages are causing scores of people to place themselves unawares into a state of excommunication from the church because they are violating Canon Law when they openly reject the pope. Does it concern you that the entity to whom you are speaking calls Pope Francis the “imposter”, the “abomination”, the “false prophet”, etc. etc.? This should disturb you as Jesus Himself guides the church through His Vicar.

Have you spoken to your local bishop? Jesus has given authority to His bishops to decide in matters such as these, and as our shepherds, we are to follow their lead. What progress has been made as to attaining a judgment from the proper hierarchical authorities?

I and a group of very concerned Catholics want to know the answers to these questions, and to make you aware that souls are in danger because of your messages. You are attracting those who do not fully know their faith and causing them to live in a sense of doom and gloom, hoard food and water, store up supplies including unconsecrated hosts, prepare for disaster, and basically live as if their lives will be over any day now.

Have you considered what your messages are doing to the children of parents who live in this way? What hope are you offering the children? If people who are financially struggling are spending their money on hoarding supplies, wouldn’t their children be deprived of their needs; clothing, shoes, higher education? What legacy are you promoting? How many lives will need healing and possibly psychological help when the messages are proven to be false?

The messages you disseminate violate multitudinous Catholic doctrines. Jesus would never contradict the teachings of the church into which He has breathed His Holy Spirit. And although your messages call for the complete fall of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, it is in actuality impossible for her to be destroyed. Why? Jesus Himself promised it.  Please speak out. For you to publicly announce that you were fooled by evil spirits and you openly renounce the messages would be extremely healing to the schism your messages are creating in the church.

I can’t imagine any true Catholic being angry or harboring hatred for you if you admit that you were deceived. We all make mistakes. We all become deceived at one time or another. It’s what you do about it that matters. There is a chance here for you to do tremendous good.

Please, I kindly ask, subject the messages to the proper church authorities or renounce them. I promise that your bravery will be greatly admired by the Catholics like me who now stand for the truth faith.

Very truly yours in Christ,