Pope John Paul II has finally approved for Sainthood thanks to a Costa Rican woman who claims the late Pope cured her fatal brain aneurysm.

Floribeth Mora, now 50, made a miraculous recovery from a potentially deadly aneurysm in her cerebral artery two years ago, after a photograph of John Paul II spoke to her, she claims.

Mora’s recovery, which her doctor attests there is no scientific basis for, was finally recognized by the Vatican as a valid second miracle for the late Pope’s sainthood.

Mora was diagnosed with a swelling in her brain in April 2011, she told reporters at Roman Catholic Church’s headquarters in San Jose.

Though originally thought to be a severe migraine, after three days of pain, Mora returned to the hospital, where a series of tests revealed an aneurysm on the right side of her brain that had begun to hemorrhage.

Doctors then told Mora that she would die within the month, she told Reuters.

Mora was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm that she says doctors told her would kill her within a month. However, she claims that the late Pope John Paul II spoke to her and cured her disease

‘I returned home with the horror of imminent death. Seeing my children walking by looking at me, standing beside my bed, seeing my husband making himself strong, taking my hand and crossing himself every night, it was very sad,’ Mora said.

Mora went on to testify that after watching the beatification of Pope John Paul II on television she heard a voice speak from his picture on the cover of a magazine.

Mora fell asleep after watching the mass and when she awoke heard a voice from the picture of John Paul II which sat on top of her television saying ‘get up,’

Floribeth Mora recounted the miracle to reporters through tears as he family and Archbishop Hugo Barrantes gathered around her for support
Mora held onto a gold rosary as she recounted how after hearing a voice speak to her from John Paul II’s picture her fatal disease was instantly cured

‘I woke up when I heard a voice that said ‘get up,” Mora told reporters holding up a news clipping. ‘I was alone in my room, I only had this clipping that was published around those dates to commemorate John Paul II’s papacy.’

“I had it in front of me and I heard a voice again that said ‘get up’ and I looked at his photo and saw his open arms and I heard a voice that said ‘be not afraid’ and I said ‘Yes Lord,” she said through tears.

Mora claims that after the picture spoke to her she instantly knew she was cured.

Costa Rican Floribeth Mora –who says she was healed by a miracle attributed to late Pope John Paul II– cries upon receiving a gift from a catholic faithful after a press conference at the archbishop’s house in San Jose
Mora’s husband Edwin Arce told reporters that many have doubted the veracity of the miracle over the past two years.

‘I went to my husband and he asked me what I was doing and I just said ‘I feel fine, I feel fine, I feel fine,” she said.

The Costa Rican grandmother claims that miracle took place after she was told by doctors that she had less than a month to live, a written statement distributed by the church attests.

However, her neurosurgeon, Alejandro Vargas, denies he ever told his pious patient any such thing.

Though Vargas does admit Mora’s condition was potentially fatal, he says he predicted only a two percent chance that the aneurysm would kill her, possibly bleeding into her brain within a year of the diagnosis, Reuters reported.

Mora, 50, cried as she told reporters of the miracle the late John Paul II performed on her as he was finally made eligible for sainthood

‘She was sent home with medication that would reduce her blood pressure and was advised to improve her diet so as not to raise her cholesterol levels and thus decrease the chance of her having a second bleeding episode,’ Dr. Vargas told the news service.

‘She was sedated because the headaches were too sharp. We didn’t send her home to be sedated and wait until she died in her sleep.’

However the neurologist does admit that Mora’s recovery is inexplicable from a medical standpoint.

‘The risk for Floribeth was death, or ending up with significant neurological damage,’ Dr. Vagas said.

Doctor’s believed that Mora would die from the hemorrhaging of her aneurysm before it was miraculously cured
Seen here is the altar of Pope John Paul II the Mora’s set up on their front porch. In front of the Pope’s picture is the doctor’s letter diagnosing Mora with a brain aneurysm

‘What we found remarkable, unbelievable really, was that by November there was absolutely no trace in her brain that she ever had an aneurysm,’ he told Reuters. ‘I had never seen this in my career.’

Mora, who at the press conference wore gold rosary beads, posted about her miracle on a blog dedicated to Pope John Paul II, and it was soon picked up as a rallying point for Catholics who supported his canonization.

However, according to Mora’s husband Erwin Arce not everyone was so quick to accept a miracle had occurred.

‘We’ve faced a lot of non-believers these last two years,’ Arce told Reuters.

Pope John Paul II, who died in 2005, was finally declared a saint by the Vatican after his second miracle of curing a Costa Rican woman of a nearly fatal brain aneurysm was recognized
Pope John Paul II was one of the fastest Pope’s to ever be canonized after his death, in a period of only 8 years

The night Mora heard the Pope’s voice her family constructed a shrine to him on their porch, which now includes the original doctor’s note diagnosing Mora with a brain aneurysm, the news service reported.

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